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You can go  to the Sp and give ure details as no fir has been lodged up till now so you can also give an application to DIG operations and tell him the whole story about the false application and later on can proceed against him under section 182 CrPc

Well u have to see if the property that all of u are living in is inherited or who owns it if it is inherited and each are living in separate portions then u can file a partition suit before the civil court with consequential relief and get the property partitioned as per law but if it is in the name of ure mother then it's not possible. 

You can fe an application before guardian court if u are the guardian or otherwise to could raise this issue as it is upto the court to look after the child and his property. 

Everyone has the right to defend his/her interest so if the other party has moved an application u can make your representation through lawyer and raise your points that why the case should not be transfered as u already did before district and session judge. 

Yes you can file a suite for declaration and partition of property in the civil court and get ureself declared as legal heirs and then property  can be partitioned accordingly and all brothers and sisters would give their statements and as per law u each will get ure share.